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      Mariner Health Care Services
      Mariner Health Care Careers

      Mariner Health Care welcomes all licensed professionals at each of our facilities. We offer competitive wages and benefits, including 401(k), company paid life insurance, medical/dental/vision insurance coverage.



      Click here to see open rehab therapy positions

      Click here to see open nursing positions

      Mariner Health Care informs the public, patients, and employees that the agency does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability, or age.

      For Rehab staffing and employment opportunities, please call:

      Kiyona Wilson

      Bio Pacific Rehab Recruiter

      • 310-255-2800 ext 2808 Office
      • 424-645-4371 Cellphone
      • 888-855-7615 Fax

      Email resume to: KXWilson@marinerhealthcare.com


      Click here to download the Bio-Pacific Application Packet (rehab use only)

      Click here to download the Bio-Pacific Arbitration Packet (rehab use only)

      For Mariner's application packet, please contact the facility.